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Songs I listened to a lot in 2012, and The Impossible

Hello guys! This is basically an entry that contains the songs (not the Greek ones) I listened to a lot during 2012. I listen to A LOT of music (my ipod has 13000 songs lol), so these are just a few, because I couldn't possibly write everything down. They are listed by month. I wrote them down as the year progressed in a private entry but I'm posting it now, and I'll do this for 2013 as well, it was fun!

I also just watched the Impossible. It was mindblowing. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, my friend was making fun of me. He was basically really rude, he didn't like it and kept making silly comments while I was teary eyed :/ Naomi Watts killed it. Ewan McGregor looked amazing and his acting was very powerful as well. But the true scene stealer for me was the boy playing Lucas. He was my favourite, and I actually think that boy deserves an Oscar. I haven't looked it up on imdb yet, I will do that now.
I hadn't heard much about the film before I went to the cinema, it was all unexpected. It was my brother's name day today, so his godmother came to give us presents etc., and then her sons came along and they were going to watch it, so I went with them. But ughh Alex (my friend, the other is young) ruined it for me, I bet all he likes is Borat or sth. And he has this annoying habit of stroking your hair and actually pulling it allll the time. :P He told me he liked the Hobbit tho, that's something! Anyway, I do recommend this film. It's one of my favourites that I've watched lately. And probably ever.

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Hi guys!

I'm in the middle of a friend's cut right now. Nothing personal, I just have some friends I added yeeears ago and their journals are dead, or I added them for their graphics, which I don't do anymore. Also, I just started writing personal stuff this past year and before that, I didn't really care whom I added because there was nothing personal they could read. I'm not going to remove anyone I've talked to/added recently though, no worries! If you have any questions or didn't want to be removed, feel free to message me!
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Game of Thrones and Magic Awards :)

First of all, I want to say a huuuge thanks to scoobyatemysnax for nominating me for GoT :)
Thank you bb! <3333
I am currently in the middle of a +1 spree. I have nominated a lot of people but I know I have forgotten a lot too, because lj is full of awesome makers, so if you can think of anyone whose icons you love, pls go check out if they are nominated in various categories, and if anyone is shy, I can do it for you :)

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Quick update

I am now using this amazing layout  made by endearest for me :)
I never thought I'd like a blue layout so much! I wanted to change the colour to beige or sth, but now I'm in love with it!

AND OMG I just noticed its name is QUEENIE :/ Lol my name drama is gonna haunt me for ages, I know :P
Ahahaha :P

On another note, GoT was AMAZING. I particularly enjoyed Catelyn/Brienne, Gendry/Arya/Tywin (Harrenhal in general) and OMG for the first time in ages I'm in love with Dany's scenes.

I've also finished my 20isnp batch, maybe 2-3 days ago, but I won't have time to post it today. I might even make some icons from 2x05, IDK.

Anyway, love ya all etc :P
Keeping this public so that people can see the layout credits.  :)

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Thank you very much to everyone for the Valentine's Day gifts, and the cute dragons -seriously, how adorable are they? I think I'm gonna print tons and have them in my room :P

themirrorofsin, innocent_lexys,
justonebeat, likealight,
astoria_potter, blood, grotesque_xxx

Thank you, ilu all <3

Plus, I hope this userhead is available someday, I want to use it nowwww!

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I just found out I was nominated at wonderus_stuff! Thank you so, so much, whoever did this! It is so amazing! <3

Gifs were not made by me, I found them as reaction gifs all over the place :P