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Game of Thrones and Magic Awards :)

First of all, I want to say a huuuge thanks to scoobyatemysnax for nominating me for GoT :)
Thank you bb! <3333
I am currently in the middle of a +1 spree. I have nominated a lot of people but I know I have forgotten a lot too, because lj is full of awesome makers, so if you can think of anyone whose icons you love, pls go check out if they are nominated in various categories, and if anyone is shy, I can do it for you :)

Game of Thrones 2x10
ALL THE FEELINGS! I stayed up to watch this (it was 4:00 in the morning in my timezone, mind you), and my stream DIED after Theon got knocked up. Not funny :/
I downloaded it yesterday morning tho.
* I LOVED this episode. The tone and feel changed so drastically from the previous episodes! I loved Blackwater but I loved this one more. The weird thing is, I did not love it because of the last scene, as everyone seems to do. Don't get me wrong, I liked that scene well enough, but I think the rest of the episode was better.
* House of the Undying: Ok, I know Rhaegar was not there, or Robb, and I desperately wanted them to be. But we did get snow (or was it ashes?) on the Iron Throne, and that must mean sth. Or when Dany was at the Wall. The Dany/Drogo scene was unecessary but cute anyway. Overall, it was a beuatiful sequence, just completely different from what we thought it would be. Which sucks, because the book one is 100X better, but they must have had good reasons to alter it and I accept it.
*The Talisa bullshit: Oh well, they;ve managed to ruin 2 awesome characters wih one storyline! Cat is ruined, Robb is ruined. Whatever. I pretend book!canon is show!canon and I still love them.
* Theon. Ok, he is awesome. Alfie is GREAT! AMAZING! Maester Luwin was so good to him, and in general, Maester Luwin ROCKS!
* I don't think show viewers were able to understand the whole Qhorin/Jon thing, but I hope for the best. Jon's arc has been underwhelming this season, I would like it to be better next year.
* Yay for more Rickon!
* Jorah was sooo sexy once again, lol :P I liked all the Qarth scenes, but woah Dany, you were harsh to Doreah! She was a slave, and Dany told her to sleep with people to get info, what did she expect? It's not like Doreah could have resisted all those men who came to take the dragons.
* The Stannis/Mel scene was hot. His acting is amazing! I hope he gets more screentime in season 3.
I love how Stannis lets Mel touch him so much, and I loved that he ''strangled her'' one moment and the next she was like, cuddling him. They are crazy, and I love them.
*JAIMEEEEE! He looked good, once more. I love his banter with Brienne. More pls! (I don't ship them, but I friend-ship them)
* SANSA! I loved that little moment when she smiled. LF is a creeper. NO NO NO! Do not want. Oh, and why did they reveal that whole escape plot? It was better as a secret.
* Loras started to act more like book!Loras in episode 9, and he kept it up in this one :) I really wanna see some Loras/Margaery alone scenes in s3, they are adorable.
* I always thought Margaery Natalie Dormer looked weird, because of her nose. But now that I see her in motion, I don;t care. She is awesome! I just love her :)
* The Valar Morghulis scene was very pretty.

Overall, can't wait for s3!!!!

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