biliki (biliki) wrote,

Quick update

I am now using this amazing layout  made by endearest for me :)
I never thought I'd like a blue layout so much! I wanted to change the colour to beige or sth, but now I'm in love with it!

AND OMG I just noticed its name is QUEENIE :/ Lol my name drama is gonna haunt me for ages, I know :P
Ahahaha :P

On another note, GoT was AMAZING. I particularly enjoyed Catelyn/Brienne, Gendry/Arya/Tywin (Harrenhal in general) and OMG for the first time in ages I'm in love with Dany's scenes.

I've also finished my 20isnp batch, maybe 2-3 days ago, but I won't have time to post it today. I might even make some icons from 2x05, IDK.

Anyway, love ya all etc :P
Keeping this public so that people can see the layout credits.  :)

Tags: mood: happy
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